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 General. The sponsor hereby agrees to sponsor the event HOUSTON SHOP MINISTRIES, INC., described in the SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A and is incorporated herein by this reference. The Sponsor agrees to provide to Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. the following in-kind services and/or pay the following fees:

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In consideration therefore, Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. shall provide Sponsor with the benefits described in the Proposal. Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. may adjust such benefits, substitute benefits or provide other benefits with the approval of the Sponsor.

Payment.  Payments are due as follows:  25% percent on or before  December 15, 2016 and the balance due on or before January 13, 2017. Failure to pay fees when due may result in termination of this agreement. In-kind services shall be scheduled in writing by representatives of Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. and Sponsor.

Limitation of Sponsorship. Unless otherwise provided, the cash or services and the Sponsor benefits described in this agreement are related solely to Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. to be held March 11, 2017. Assuming the Event is continued in 2017, the Sponsor shall have the first right of refusal to continue Sponsor's involvement in the Event on such terms as Sponsor and Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. shall agree.

License and Usage. Sponsor hereby grants Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. a limited, non-exclusive license to use Sponsor's trade names, trademarks, service marks and other proprietary information [the "Proprietary Information"] owned by the Sponsor. Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. agrees that the Proprietary Information will be used only in connection with the Event to provide the benefits set forth in the Proposal and such other benefits as Sponsor and Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. may agree.  Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. use of the Proprietary Information is subject to the approval of the Sponsor's designated representative, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

Sponsor Understandings. Sponsor understands as follows: the dollar values set forth in the Proposal are estimates are based upon general sponsorship information available to Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc.; the audience multiplier is based upon estimates of Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. attendance and actual attendance figures may vary materially. No portion of the sponsorship cash payment or in-kind services are subject to being refunded for any reason except as provided herein. Sponsorships are not exclusive unless otherwise set forth in the Proposal.

Termination. Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. may terminate this contract on 30 days written notice. In the event of termination for any reason other than failure to provide contracted fees or services, Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. may substitute an event with equivalent benefits with the approval of the Sponsor or shall refund any cash fee received from Sponsor by Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc. Sponsor shall not terminate this agreement without the approval of Houston SHOP Ministries, Inc..

Amendments. This agreement may be amended only by a written instrument executed by both parties.

Miscellaneous. This agreement is governed by TEXAS law and is binding upon all of the parties' successors and assigns.


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